Genes Cause Cancer 1


Quotation:Cancer gene types A cancer gene alters the normal functioning of a protein. There are three major categories of cancer genes.This has led to the discovery of the APC gene – the "gatekeeper" in colon cancer development

My Ideas:I think that cancer is a very dangerous disease that has led to lots of deaths and yet it keeps on occurring . Cancer can be so tough some people give up on fighting.

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Genes Cause Cancer 2


Quotation:“Cancer is in essence a genetic disease. It's caused by mutations of genes and there are three kinds, three types of genes, that contribute to cancer.The first is called oncogenes. These are genes that normally signal cells to grow. And when an oncogene is mutated, the cell continues to grow even though normally it wouldn't.

My Ideas:I believe that even though cancer is a disease that many lose their lives too I think that some time Now they will find a cure.

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