Professional Football Player

Description of Career- People in this career play football. The either are trying to score touchdowns or trying to keep other people from scoring touchdowns.

Required Skills- To be a professional football you need to be strong, fast, smart, and good at playing football. Different position require different abilities. To be an offensive lineman you need to be strong or to be a running back you need to be fast.

Educational Requirements- To be a professional football player you have to be out of high school for at least 3 years. Most people in the NFL (National Football League) have played at least 1 year of college football. College football can be played at most college campuses.

Other Preparation- To be a professional football people you have to be in shape so working out is necessary.

Salary- The minimum salary for an NFL player is 420,000. This is the minimum for a rookie contract. The average salary in the NFL is 1.9 million per year.

Future Outlook- There is a 9 in 10,000 chance that a high school senior will get drafted by an NFL team. There are 1,696 players in the NFL. The average age of retirement in the NFL is 28 years old.

Benefits- The benefits of playing football is that if your in the NFL then you love playing football so you get to do what you love.

Similar Careers- In players can't get a job in the NFL then they can play for the Arena Football league or the Canadian Football league.

Why i picked this career- I picked this career because I love playing football.

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