5 College Degree You Prolly Only Heard Of Right Now

College is a huge deal for this generation. It is generally expected that high school graduates would apply to college and complete a 4-year course to get their degree and forge their way into the real world. Recent years have seen more and more people trying to help college-bound kids make the right decisions in the course and majors to take--places like review centers, tutors, and even self-help books.

Did you know that there are some degrees that may sound really strange to you? Degrees in Singapore tend to be high-caliber courses focused on common aspects of higher education: liberal arts and humanities, science, marketing, business, management and the like. However, there are some unusual college courses that are available around the world that make you want to do a double-take.

Whichever course you do decide to take in the end, you're in luck: Singapore has some of the top schools in Asia, which means that degrees in Singapore will definitely open doors for you when you graduate and make your way into the real world. But just for fun, here are 5 college degrees you've probably never heard of...until now.

#1 Astrobiology

Yup, you read that right. Still considered an emerging field, astrobiology students are involved in the complex study of life in the Universe.

#2 Computer Forensics

This degree teaches students how to find digital evidence to be used in legal matters. For those who love digital technology, it may be the perfect career choice. Courses in computer forensics are most likely to be included as an area of concentration in a computer science degree or as part of a certificate program.

#3 Mortuary Science

Many people don't like to think about death, but for mortuary science majors, it's their business. Although the specific curriculum varies depending on the school and your future career goals, students can learn about the science of taking care of dead bodies, gain an understanding of the grieving process, and take courses to help them run a business as a funeral director.

#4 Packaging

Students who major in this field create and evaluate packaging materials, design systems for packaging products, perform quality control and many other tasks related to ensuring that products, from food to computers, arrive at their final destination in the desired condition.

#5 Fermentation Sciences

Some may joke that they majored in beer in college, but Appalachian State University literally gives students that opportunity. Students pursuing this degree get exposure to the principles of fermentation sciences, systems design and engineering, as well as hands-on experience with production systems, water treatment and environmental remediation.