How plants termites control ?

We always say that how can I prevent termites invaded our home, is not only our home, garden, farmers and ranchers also reflect their home to be with us, termite invasion, many animals and plants are hurt. White ants like to eat, as we all know, cellulose, where crop with high fiber content, so the termite invasion will also, it is not strange things. We do know some termites control way, but in these places, the method is useful, we have specially to communicate with scholars.

Some plants can help them tremble control, will send out a termite hate the smell of these plants. Let termites at, farmers and garden owners can consult and planting.

1. Vetiver

Vetiver produced in India and is widely used, because it smells nice. Termites to reject the smell and the smell can let termites poisoning. Vetiver nou ketones containing chemical composition, this component will help to curb the growth of termites. Vetiver is also used to drive termites, cockroaches, ants, fleas, weevil and other insects.

2. Hot pepper

In Africa, the farmers planting hot pepper plants, helps prevent termites, ants and cutworms. You can also use pepper spray and dishwashing soap help termites control. Sprayed spray a day where you suspect termites exist, until you no longer see the presence of termites.

3. Garlic, mint, marigold

When peppermint oil is directly sandblasting to termites, can kill termites, but its effect is not long. If people have grown mint at home, may also be termites control. Effect of garlic is very similar with the marigold flower, is through the chemical composition of odor release drive termites, let termites. Effect doesn't last long. Mint is a perennial plant, grow well, well, in the damp, part of the slope area. Garlic, marigold is annual plants, you can be planted every spring.

For ranchers, nest in the house and livestock pesticides is forbidden, they can only spray some essential oil, and put the animals out to spray. They can choose spraying plant essential oil, such as tea, camellia, and peppermint oil, some pepper spray may be they use the most. Economic, simple and suitable for large area spraying, note, however, although these essential oils without harm, when spraying to animals and children to stay away from, because they have excitant, hurt animals and children.

DIY termites control -

is very simple, but will ignore some of the details, the best way is to find a professional pest control company, let them to make plans for your insects.

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