Spike And Tyke

Tyke was nice and smart. He is the smartest dog there is. But Spike not so much. Spike can be mean and stupid . In fact I think he is the stupidest dog. Won time he gave himself a wedgie and Know one Knows how. They used be farther and son untill they founed out they really weren't farther and son.Spike wants Tyke to get kick out. And then when he gets kick out he’ll won’t half to worry about him getting all the attention.

So when there owner Dave left to go to get some ice cream for his apple pie then that's when stuff go crazy. As soon as Dave shut the door Mike grabbed a bat and tried to hit Spike in the head. But Spike dodged it and got some sticky glue from the counter. And poured it all on the ground when Mike was chasing him. Mike got stuck in the sticky glue. Then Mike got the strawberry pie out of the oven and smashed it in Mikes face. It was so hot that It left a big scare on his face. Then Mike grabbed Dave's pet snake and put it on Tykes head. And that snake was 4 ft. Then Dave walked through the door and sall what Mike was doing. So he put Mike in prision school. Then Dave and Tyke lived happily ever after.

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