I couldn’t tell, whether or not he was kidding or if he was actually sick. All I remember before the vans showed up was him laying there, motionless and pale. As I waited outside I saw the strange men in the funny yellow suits, take him out of the house and put him into the van. When I asked what was happening they ignored me and spoke to everyone in the village, “This area has been infected with a deadly virus! We will be putting the area into quarantine until further notice.”

     Confused and scared, I made my way to one of the men and asked what sort of “deadly virus” we were dealing with. He informed me that we have become victim to a killer known as Ebola. I asked “what will happen to my friend? Will he be okay?” They responded with “sure son, don’t you worry. He’ll be fine.” And the van left the area. I never saw my friend ever again after that. Ever since then I’ve been very careful as to keep my hygiene on top and be aware of this, “Ebola”.

By: William Neumann

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