Luke's tour of the pyramids of Giza.

Why they were built.

The pyramids were built for the pharaohs final resting place. The pharaohs would start building or making plans for there pyramid when they were in the pharaoh position for a couple years. The pyramids took years to build because they had to use bricks and when they were out they had to send men up the river to a city to get them, and then had to send them down river to the place of building. The pyramids were built during the end of the Old Kingdom to the beginning of the Middle Kingdom so they were not built lately. I think they put the pharaohs in pyramids not just because they were pharaohs, but because they thought maybe that they would send him somewhere like a afterlife by the gods they believed in to please them. And because of that they might have filled they pyramid with gold, food, and other artifacts.

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