It's Nice to be Lice

The story of one courageous louse and his journey

Louis the louse was stuck in a slump

for there weren't any rats to bite down at the dump

he searched and searched and searched some more

that's when he stumbled on the French general's door

he heard the general yell

that the trench-men weren't well

they were smelly and wet

and dirty, you bet

and roughly half had fell!

Louis acted quick and precise

he sounded the alarm and summoned the lice

"TO FRANCE TO FRANCE!", he exclamied so loud


"there are trenches in France where food can be found

hundreds of soldiers soaking wet on the ground

they're growing weaker with limited meals

soup with weeds and potato peels

we can nest in their clothes and their hair too

we can bring our pyrrexhia maybe a fever or two

they've got nowhere to go nowhere to hide

I say we go now, who's on my side?"

and with that, they were off-- onward to France

ready to bite, attack and stick to soldier's pants

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