Jacob P.  
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that is ware i was on spring break!

Hey my name is jacob parker and i was born on may 31st 2001 in spokane washington ware i live now also i have to sisters one being 10 years old (lily) and the other being 25 (michelle) . anyways eversince i was 4 years old i loved to play soccer i played for a lot of clubs up until the team i am palying on now which is abviosly the best team in the world FC SPOKANE. speaking of soccer thats about all i did on spring break i just practiced 4 days and played FIFA 15 on the xbox 360 which i really love. anyways that was basically my spring break!

this is my sister her name is mischele!
this is my pooch pierre i git him in the 5th grade and he hasn't really changed:)

the picture above is when i went to the court d'Alene river 2 years ago and thats ware it is located if you didn't already know