I remove the shoes from its box
without a speck of dust
without an inch of dirt
as I delicately slide them on

Shaking with apprehension
I anxiously await my turn
my stomach whirls around like a tornado
calmed by my shoes

Leathery blankets for my feet
gently caress and comfort me
its glossy sheen gleams at the crowd
shoes clack
with every stride

Laces stiff
securely tied
perched on top
in perfect tiny bows

Its charcoal tinted coating blends into the shadows
swaying under the grand piano
unseen by the audience
they silently soothe me

As I face the crowd
and swiftly smash my fingers
on the ebony and ivory keys
music sounds

The applause echoes
through the dimly lit auditorium

As I bow and walk away fearless and flawless
Just like my shoes

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