A Little Time And Effort

Marissa and Melissa

         A first time teacher overcomes her initial fears and prejudices and makes a difference in the lives of the homeless children. She started teaching in a shelter's classroom. She was an inspiration to the homeless children there. When she first came to the classroom where she was teaching she was a little disappointed to see where she would be teaching. There were no books no desks and no color on the walls. It was a very sad place so she decides to make the place look a little brighter.

What became an influence?

        Since the children had moved into the shelter with their parents, they have somewhat felt on their own and that's how life was going to be, lonely, hopeless, something not worth trying for.  Until some people began going out of their way to make the shelter seem more of a family and a home for everyone. The fact that someone or multiple people were putting time and effort to help these children are what mostly directed them and influenced them for the greater because it was something that no one has really done for them.

Who Helped?

     Mr and Mrs. Bess:

Mrs. Bess had a loving heart for children and teaching. When ever she started to teach she was disappointed to see what her classroom looked like, she decided to make it brighter. Mr. Bess gave her some money so she could buy her students some desks and books and paint

Children's Parents:

After months and maybe years the parents really didn't see their childrens education as one of their priorities. Getting by and making it through the day was the major goal. Then, Mrs. Bess decides to hold a Parents and teacher meeting to try and bring the education into the lives of the family with homework. The parents of these children began taking 15/20 minutes of their time helping out with homework. They also turned the tv room into a study hall where the kids could do their homework. Those children seeing that their parents were working hard and making an effort they didn't have to for their children's benefit really impacted them in a positive way. It made them feel that their parents care.