The Perks in Staying in Hotels that You Should Always Take Advantage Of

Whenever we travel, we make sure that our accommodation fit our budget. We make sure that it is convenient enough and near the places that we want to visit during the span of our travel.

Whenever we stay in a hotel, we often treat it as if it is a big locker, that all you can do there is leave your things, rest, and freshen up when necessary. More often than not, travellers forget the perks of staying in a hotel. Surprisingly, even those who are frequent travellers disregard the perks they can get in a hotel. Hotels in Singapore often offer a lot of things that are not being availed of by the guests.

Whether you are a first-time traveller or a professional backpacker, here are some perks that you might not know about staying in a hotel.

1. Free Parking Since most people who are travelling nowadays are backpackers, bringing a car is not on the top of the mind. However, if you are planning to bring a car, don't stress yourself too much about parking as most hotels in Singapore offer free parking for the guests.

2. Free Gym Use Most hotels in Singapore have their own fitness facilities. If you are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle while travelling and eating all those oily food along the streets of Singapore, you might want to consider using your hotel's gym before sleeping or as soon as you wake up.

3. Hotel Staff are Your Best Local Information Source Say you have not prepared your itinerary yet, or you want to explore deeper, ask the hotel staff in the place you are staying. Since they are locals there, they definitely know the places or the food that you have to try during your visit.

4. High-speed Internet Connection If there is one place where you can get the best internet connection, it has got to be from those hotels in Singapore. As soon as you arrive in your hotel, it's best to ask the desk how to connect to the hotel's wireless internet connection.

5. Laundry Services If you are short on your clothes, you can ask the hotel concierge if you can use their laundry services. Hotels in Singapore have that kind of facility where you can wash your clothes and have them dried.

6. Room Cleaning Service This one is basic but most people forget that they could actually ask the hotel to have someone clean their rooms for them. What's good about room cleaning services is that you can leave your room for travelling in the morning, and get back there at night when your bed sheets and blankets are already fixed. Through this, you do not have to think of cleaning your room before sleeping. Less hassle, more fun.

7. Free Coffee or Tea (or even a full breakfast!) Well, this might seem unimportant for some, but a cup of good coffee or tea in the morning is still the best way to start the day! Also, check if your hotel accommodation comes with a free full breakfast.

8. Indoor Bar Want to have a quick drink? Most hotels in Singapore have their own bars where you can hang out for the night if you are not feeling like going outside.

9. Indoor Pool Some hotels in Singapore have indoor pools where you can relax and wade. It is best to take advantage of this perk as it is often free for guests.

10. Premium Cable Channels Yes, you did not travel just to watch the television. However, some people would love to de-stress after a long day of travel while watching cable channels.

If you are travelling in Singapore and if you are staying in a hotel, it would be good to ask the hotel concierge what are the perks and other free stuff that you can take advantage of. Though some are just little things, it is still good to have some things for free. It is also best to have a small talk with hotel staff as they can share with you a lot of things about the place where you are staying.