Update About What's Going On.

Hey Peeps! I haven't been on Tackk for a while and that's because I don't have any ideas and I'm too lazy to even make one. So I want you guys to leave any requests in the comments because I really need some ideas. Anyways this Tackk will be about the things I'm doing and stuff like that.

So yesterday I asked my dad if I can go to the library and he took me and my sister to the library. I got a book from the series, Septimus Heap and I got the first book called Magyk. It's a really interesting book.

And another thing is that me and my family might be going bowling this weekend and go swimming next week!  

So yeah, that is an update on what's going on with me and don't worry, I will be posting more Tackks very very soon. And tomorrow I will be doing a #TackkThursday Tackk. I didn't do one last week so I'm going to make up for it tomorrow.

I love u all!

Keep Calm and Go Infinity and Beyond!!!