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The decorative table lamp differs from other lighting fixtures in its portability. This permits the homeowner to move the lamp to different spaces around a room to provide just the desired lighting effect.

There are basically two types of lamps. The decorative table lamp is intended to provide just the right decorative touch to a room or serve the functional use of serving as a reading light. However, the main uses of the decorative table lamp are to provide minimal task lighting while maximizing the addition of needed light in a room as well as accenting the room with appropriate decoration.

The other type of table lamp is the desk lamp, or as it is sometimes called, the study lamp. This lamp is designed for task lighting and is used in places where activities such as studying, computer work and writing are done. These lamps are more functional in design and style and are often connected by a clamp to an adjacent shelf or piece of furniture. Desk lamps can also be free standing. Many desk lamps are adjustable and have heavy bases to avoid being easily knocked over. Again, the desk lamp is designed for its functional usefulness rather than its decorative appeal. Therefore, keep in mind what the lamp's purpose will be and select it accordingly. Be sure to select a lamp that has the right kind of fixture for the use the lamp is designed to serve. Always opt for the most energy efficient fixtures.

Decorative table lamps can be elaborate and highly decorative or fairly simple and functional. Of all the lighting fixtures available today, decorative table lamps come in the widest variety of sizes, styles, shapes and materials imaginable. Stores that carry high quality lighting, often have decorative table lamps with bases that are intricate and often hand carved from expensive materials such as marble or other high quality stone. Silver and other precious metals are also used in the manufacture of decorative table lamps. One of the appeals of this type of lighting is that there is usually something available that appeals to everyone's tastes and budget.

Lampshades of almost every imaginable size, style, shape and color are also available and can be used to determine just the right amount of light for a particular area. One of the shades and construction material that has passed the test of time, is the Tiffany. Original Tiffany lamps are extraordinarily valuable and are either museum pieces or are found in only the most elegant and expensive homes.

Technology, however, has made it possible to create the stained glass look of a Tiffany lamp at a fraction of the cost of the genuine article. It's unusual to find any two Tiffany lamps that are exactly alike, a fact that adds to their appeal. The Tiffany comes in a variety of styles with the most common styles being the Mission and Victorian.

The Mission style is basically designed in such a way that the panels form squares and rectangles while the Victorian style as designed to be elegant in style with curves and surprising embellishments that give it a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Decorative table lamps are also made of a substance called Mica. Mica, which is sometimes called "fools gold", is a conglomeration of minerals that, when crystallized, form an assortment of very thin layered leaves or sheets. The primary appeal of Mica is that there is a beautiful and often ethereal appearance that results from the light that shines though it.

In addition to Tiffany and Mica, decorative table lamps are available in a very wide range of materials including wood, synthetics and metal, including wrought iron. When purchasing a decorative table lamp, make sure that you shop for quality. A quality lamp will last longer and often offers the user several choices when it comes to just the right light fixture to use.

One additional factor to consider when purchasing a decorative table lamp is the glare factor. When seated, the lamp should provide a soft light and absolutely no glare. This is often achieved by purchasing a lampshade that is deep enough to shield the glare.

Select your decorative table lamp to match the room's d├ęcor. If necessary, have the lampshade material custom made to match the other fabric in the room.

I like to look at the decorative table lamps that are used in model homes, townhouses and condos. The decorating genius employed in these models will be reflected in the accessories that have been chosen to accent the living space. Decorators understand a basic principle. Appealing to a prospective buyer is often achieved as much by the layout of the home as by the way the decorative touches are employed. The proper lighting enhancements can provide that appeal.

Shop around, go online, look at home and garden periodicals and take your time selecting just the right decorative table lamp for your home.Article Source

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