Examples of great Tackks by great Tackkers

Here are just a few of the tens of thousands of different ways people are using Tackk to express themselves. This should give you ideas on what to create next, or take you down the path of exploring some of the many interesting and beautiful pages on Tackk.  

A  Tackk user journals her journey through pregnancy

A promotion manager in Italy makes playlists
using Soundcloud embeds and promotes her events

The Agrarian Collective makes how-tos, recipes,
and promotes events on homemaking

An Instructional Technology specialist uses Tackk to communicate her plans for the week ahead

A trendy restaurant uses Tackk to broadcast
event specials or feature dishes

A user creates amazing visual Tackks highlighting
her favorite abstract art and photography

A University of Dayton Student blogs about campus
life and other topics that interest her

A food processing product company highlights
the latest in their product line

Stunning photography and very popular Tackks from
a Photography enthusiast in California

Mindfulness and inspiration with beautiful
photography embody this Tackk user

A real estate company maximizes exposure
to available properties with Tackk

A professional musician chronicles the albums
that shaped his taste in music

A full series of thoughtful blogs and musings from
this London based executive

A blog about conservation and preservation of
endangered species and their habitats

A sports enthusiast who blogs about his favorite
teams and sells merch on Tackk

A freelance content writer uses Tackk to make
incredibly engaging listicles and photo journals

A health and wellness weekly blog to educate
on proper nutrition and exsercise techniques

Teen uses Tackk as her blog platform of choice