A note from Tackk's CEO, Kyle Stalzer.

Dear Tackk Users,

I wanted to take some time out of my week to pass along a few candid thoughts on Tackk, where we are, what we're working on and what the future looks like.

If you have any familiarity with Tackk, you have probably noticed that the mission of our company is heavily centered around bringing users a first class product design and experience. Our communication, our updates, and most of our social posts revolve around updating you, our valued users, on ways Tackk is expanding in capability or improving our product.  

But sometimes, what can get lost in that hyper-focus on product excellence is the bigger picture of where we're going as a company, and how we plan to grow the business to significant scale and profitability.  We believe that users who have spent time creating content on our platform and sharing our praises also deserve some of that insight.

So here's a brief overview of what we're doing and where we're going with Tackk and some of the very exciting things on deck for the company.

First, On Location

Recently we've gotten some great press about building something impactful in the social consumer tech space and notably doing so from the midwest.  We're very proud of this fact.  Currently, every Tackk employee is from the Northeast Ohio area, and we all believe that great products and services in the technology realm can, have, and will continue to come from this region.  

That said, we also recognize that there are great opportunities to be realized by expanding our operations outside of the area, and in our case this means expanding our presence to the San Francisco Bay Area.  So starting in November, we will open our San Francisco office and we will be a 'distributed team', which is the buzzwordy way of saying we'll have employees located around the country (and inevitably around the globe as our international audience continues grow).  And by co-locating in Cleveland and San Francisco, we're confident that we can realize the benefits of being in both areas simultaneously.

What We're So Excited About

In the last year, and particularly in the last couple months since school has started up again in North America, we've seen tremendous growth and usage from Tackk and there is a lot to be excited about.

Classrooms continue to be a dominant use for Tackk, and the creative ways that students, young adults and educators are interacting on the platform, particularly through Stream, is inspiring to us. We're also seeing a rapidly growing segment of people, often the same young adults, using Tackk to blog or act as their digital and photo journal. These are also prompting great discussion via Stream.

Finally, we love seeing how much people are using Tackk to publish updates on their lives, either personal or professional.  Small businesses promoting sales or new services, small groups creating invites and tracking RSVPs, and lots of expressive content whereby people are using Tackk to say Happy Birthday or send a holiday greeting.  All of these use cases give us a sense of accomplishment and we look forward to adding features to make creating these Tackks even more empowering.

Coming Soon to Tackk

We've been hard at work for months finalizing plans and building ways to enhance your experience. Many of these you will be introduced to in the coming weeks or months, and we're really excited to test response from our users.  

First, launching any day now will be our iOS and Android apps so that creation, discovery and Stream conversations on the go become even easier.

We'll also be releasing a series of premium features that allow users greater control and customizability on Tackk.  

Finally, we'll be increasing the access points and ways you and your network can contribute on Tackk via Stream, and dialogue with one another beyond just on the Tackk itself.

Like everything we do on Tackk, we will listen intently to user feedback, and adjust our priorities according to how our users find value in Tackk.  

Speaking of Feedback...

We believe that promises without action are just stories that often turn into broken commitments. So along the lines of listening to our users, we will be scheduling our first interactive Tackk chat session on Tuesday, October 28th at 8:00pm EDT, right here on this Tackk using Tackk Stream.  

During this session, I will be answering questions about anything above, taking your product suggestions and just generally trading insights with you, our valued audience. Let us know you're coming and RSVP below.

Can't wait to talk to everyone Tuesday night. See you there!

- Kyle

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Star Wolf 3 years ago

Sup can i have a free iphone 4 ?

mia (+5) 3 years ago


Elizabeth 3 years ago

How do you share a tackk

Len Scrogan 3 years ago
John Gorbach 3 years ago
Brigid Finucane 3 years ago

Can a video that we've taken with our iPhone/iPad be used without first uploading it to YouTube of Vimeo, etc.?

rafranz davis 3 years ago
Ms. McDermott 3 years ago
Juanita 3 years ago


Jackie Bockmuller 3 years ago
lexihel 3 years ago
SARAH HANSON 3 years ago
Adeel 3 years ago
Hemang Tanna 3 years ago
NASIR 3 years ago
Roberta 3 years ago
Jess 3 years ago
Esha Sharma 3 years ago
Michel Twigg 3 years ago
Brendan 3 years ago
Kristina 3 years ago

Love Tackk! Use it for professional development to organize my presentations.

The General 3 years ago

Any chance you'll make a Tackk saluting the return of The Chosen One?

Photos by Bob 3 years ago

Interesting in 1) what is the future of Tackk, 2) the ability to export personal Tackks to PDF for backup protection and 3) how are you able to monetize.

Marty Martinson (+5) 3 years ago

Hi Kyle, I'm what the tech industry may call a "nubee" so I'd love a little guidance. I'm an exuberant young educator looking to stimulate my students. How can Tackk help?

jkjkjk (+5) 3 years ago
teacher_Hersh 3 years ago

I love using Tackk. My high school students with special needs are able to use Tackk to share their points of view, communicate with each other and express themselves ! Thank you Tackk!

Bobby Lewis 3 years ago

great to see tackk getting feedback from educators

Linda Nichols 3 years ago
Christopher Celeste 3 years ago

Gonna try to join - love the idea

Lindsay Peake 3 years ago
Michelle Cooper 3 years ago
Becky 3 years ago
Rafranz Davis (+5) 3 years ago

This is AWESOME! And also something that I haven't seen any other tech company do!

Eric Bockmuller 3 years ago

See you there!

Jason Buffin 3 years ago
Dan Klammer 3 years ago
Pasto 3 years ago
Kyle Stalzer 3 years ago

Let's do this!

Andria Trivisonno 3 years ago

Excited to join the conversation. :)

? DIANA MITCHELL 3 years ago
? Harrison McCoy 3 years ago
? Luke Cunningham 3 years ago
? Edmund 3 years ago

Tackk is great for educational use!

? McCRIGHT 3 years ago

I'd love to be able to embed video and/or html code for things like flash cards.

? sharpdave 3 years ago
? Mrs. Becky Foellmer 3 years ago

I am interested in how people are using TACKK in education.

? Billy Nordquist 3 years ago
Christopher Nelson 3 years ago

I can't

Kellbell 3 years ago
Katie Tippy 3 years ago

Have PSE chapter during this time. I enjoy the update Tackks though!

Garbage in the Parks 3 years ago

Sorry I will not be able to join. I hope I'll be available for the next Tackk chat session!

@allan.10 3 years ago
Melinda Sears 3 years ago

Sorry Tackk fam!

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3 years ago

thank you. I'll look forward to seeing how things evolve.

3 years ago

Tackk is certainly being used by enterprise entities at an increasing scale. You can search the tackkboard and get a sense of who based on the results. But the value they see is being able to engage their customers or audience at a much more meaningful level

3 years ago

Meaning they can ask them to create a Tackk on behalf of a campaign or interact in a more closed environment via Stream. And enterprises realize this has a great effect on engagement with their product or brand...MUCH more so than say a like on FB or a retweet on Twitter

3 years ago

👍 Thanks @kyle and @tackk !!!!!!

3 years ago

Alright, that's a wrap on this chat. Thanks again to everyone who participated and we'll absolutely schedule more of these as it's just as helpful for us as I think it is for all of you.

3 years ago

Thanks for organizing this! Loved hearing ideas and updates.

3 years ago

Great venue for sharing ideas

3 years ago

Have a good night every one!

3 years ago

I am just a kid so i do not really get this?!

a month ago

Thanks again to everyone who participated and we'll absolutely schedule more of these as it's just as helpful for us as I think it is for all of you.

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