Live Tackk Chat #2

Last year, Tackk users had the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and interact with Tackk's CEO @Kyle on our first interactive Tackk Chat.

We're bringing it back!

We value our users' ideas and thoughts, so get ready for this awesome opportunity to AKA - Ask Kyle Anything! Tuesday April 28th @ 8pm ET, join us right here on this Tackk!

Join us April 28th 8-9pm ET

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Alex Peay 11 months ago
Nickfree2 12 months ago
AjAy WaGa a year ago
Andrew2theMarks a year ago
♥Lauren♥ a year ago
lppq a year ago
Sateesh Kumar (+1) a year ago

superb thought

Shaina Glass a year ago
@usabbs 2 years ago
Skyler Elarton 2 years ago
Irawan R Setiadi 2 years ago
ryanschrimper 2 years ago


Ann Vega 2 years ago
MissPaulasKids 2 years ago

Want to understand more about how to make cool things. ???

Tori2000 2 years ago
Princess Mathews (+1) 2 years ago
Rachel Stalzer 2 years ago
Kim Logie 2 years ago
Zane Stephens 2 years ago

Yeh I can get on this chat

Warriors_Prophecy (+1) 2 years ago
Melinda Sears 2 years ago
Xylene 2 years ago
♡Pills&&Potions♡ 2 years ago
Kyle Stalzer 2 years ago
Jane Frires 2 years ago
Eric Bockmuller 2 years ago
Dan Klammer 2 years ago
Andria Trivisonno 2 years ago
? tommymcdole 11 months ago
? DiegoAMartinez a year ago
? Heather Sanders a year ago


? Emmaline a year ago
? ✨мαятнα✨ a year ago
? Andrew Handley 2 years ago
? @Once Upon A Time 2 years ago
? Crystal Morgan a.k.a Morgan DaVinci 2 years ago

My schedule will determine my ability to attend.

? Miranda Ballard 2 years ago
? Jordann 2 years ago

I might have volleyball or Track, I will let you know!

? Clarity 2 years ago
Vicky Kharat a year ago
Lauren White a year ago

I have plans! Sorry.

LLatz 2 years ago


yunanta 2 years ago


Pamela Jimison 2 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity, though!

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a year ago

+giphy bye

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a year ago

@kyle has left the chat

a year ago

can I be a power Tackker?

a year ago

i do not trust u

a year ago

@RougeCaptain oh ok thanks

a year ago

anyone on?

a year ago


a year ago

How was it ? sorry i just saw the info

12 months ago

Hey people

7 months ago

how are you people