Tackk Demos at your School

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Presenting Tackk at Kenston Schools Digital Academy.

If you're new to Tackk, or want to introduce Tackk to your school, let's chat! I can do demos for your district, admin, faculty and even students. Or just one-one-one with you! I'm happy to talk Tackk wherever it might help.

Choose from one of the following demos:

  • Basic Tackk demo (creation, collaboration, examples, Q&A) 30-45 min
  • Hands-on (you create a Tackk while I help answer q's) 45 min
  • Group working session (account creation, Tackk creation, Stream comments) 45 min
  • Combo demo + group working session (need extra half hour) 60 min
  • Subject-based demo (demo, examples, lesson ideas) 30-45 min
  • Special request

*Demos and presentations can be customized, in-person or via Skype/Hangout.

Schedule a demo

Let me know:
1- where you teach/work
2-if you use Google Apps for Education, Edmodo or Clever
3-what kind of demo you'd like to schedule
4- a few days/times that work:

Example demo:
Presenting at Kenston Schools in Ohio

Some demo love

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