Tackk Demos at your School

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Presenting Tackk at Kenston Schools Digital Academy.

If you're new to Tackk, or want to introduce Tackk to your school, let's chat! We can do demos for your district, admin, faculty and even students. Or just one-one-one with you! We're happy to talk Tackk wherever it might help.

Choose from one of the following demos:

  • Basic Tackk demo (creation, collaboration, examples, Q&A) 30-45 min
  • Hands-on (you create a Tackk while I help answer q's) 45 min
  • Group working session (account creation, Tackk creation, Stream comments) 45 min
  • Combo demo + group working session (need extra half hour) 60 min
  • Subject-based demo (demo, examples, lesson ideas) 30-45 min
  • Special request

*Demos and presentations can be customized, in-person or via Skype/Hangout.

Schedule a demo

Let us know:
1- where you teach/work
2-if you use Google Apps for Education, Edmodo or Clever
3-what kind of demo you'd like to schedule
4- a few days/times that work:

Example demo:
Presenting at Kenston Schools in Ohio

Some demo love

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Comment Stream

2 years ago

Great ideas! What's the cost of a session like this?

2 years ago

@MrsCK Hi there! We're happy to do demos free of charge.

I'd love to do one for you. Fill out the form to let me know what works. 😎

2 years ago