3 Educator Rockstars Using Tackk

Tackk is sending some love to educators who are rocking the #TackkEdu scene. These educators are using Tackk frequently and are finding different ways to use Tackk in the classroom. Check out these users, and you'll see why we love 'em.

Rockstar #1: Joe McCright - @mccright

Specialization: Spanish, Elementary

Rocking: Communication and Commitment

Mr. McCright masters TackkEdu with lessons plans, practice links, and contact forms. Starting from scratch, McCright has created a variety of Spanish grammar and vocabulary lessons, some using Tackk as the creation tool, and some incorporating other helpful sites.

A unique trait that McCright showcases on his profile is his commitment to his students' education.  Many Tackks have practice puzzles and flashcards for the students to access wherever they are with one click of a mouse.  At the end of his Tackks, McCright includes a contact form with the prompt "get in touch." He wants both students and parents to share their comments with him when reviewing a particular lesson.  Check 'em out!

Rockstar #2: Georg Coakley - @Mr_Coakley

Specialization: Business and IT, High School

Rocking: Organization and Stream

Mr. Coakley has used his Tackk knowledge to master organized student submission.  Using our tagging feature, his students automatically create one board as a home for each submission by using the same tag (e.g. #Mr-Coakley).

Coakley perfectly executes two use cases for Stream within his Tackks. First, he directs students to post the url of their completed assignment within the Stream of the original assignment Tackk. Second, Coakley uses Stream to ask for students' thoughts after learning the lesson. Peek into Coakley's lessons below!

Rockstar #3: Michelle Pacansky-Brock - @brocansky

Specialization: Photography, Higher Education

Rocking: Observance and Clarity

Ms. Pacansky-Brock is a Tackk rockstar simply because of her attention to detail. She excels in using small individual features that make a big difference in her content. Her profile is used as an overview of what her college class will be learning from unit to unit. Because each unit introduction has the same format, she uses the duplicate Tackk feature to keep the unit description clear.

Furthermore, within her Tackks, she incorporates a variety of Tackk features like photos from our 500px photo search and hyperlinked text.  More notably, Pacansky-Brock embeds videos to share her unit announcements and uses the RSVP widget to collect responses on a weekly Google+ Hangout. Dive into her Tackks below!

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3 years ago

Thank you. My students deserve the best so I try to give it to them.

3 years ago

Wow, thanks for the acknowledgement! It's nice to see support for the work of educators -- and to have fabulous new tools like Tackk to help me teach online more effectively (and beautifully).

11 months ago

Thank you. This is very helpful to students to be the best. http://cydiabuzz.com/quickshoot/