Tackk in Higher Ed

There's a lot happening on a college campus. And since we're big on simplicity and keeping things easy, we're excited to bring you ideas and examples of how to use Tackk on campus with little effort.  

Whether you're teaching a class, taking a class or sleeping through it, Tackk makes creation + collaboration easy and fun.


Useful features: Tackk Stream, customized URLS, embed options (paste Tackks into LMS's like Blackboard or Carmen)

Types of Tackks:

  • Lesson plan/course creation
  • Dynamic syllabuses
  • Interactive class discussions
  • Shared resources


Useful features: Instagram/photo adds, media widget, custom backgrounds, one-click social sharing

Types of Tackks:

  • Presentations/visual aides
  • Group projects
  • Essay submissions
  • Weekly planner
  • Study abroad blog
  • Photo memories


Useful features: RSVP widget, money widget, one-click social sharing, tagging

  • Recruitment flyers
  • Member/alumni newsletters
  • Fundraiser info + ticket sales
  • Professional tips
  • Organization blog
  • Event promo + recaps

Higher Ed examples

Professor Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Tackk user @brocanky creates unit overviews for her Photography class including videos, RSVPs and links for what's next.

Easily document lessons and projects with text and video.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Ohio State

Tackk user @KappaKappaGammaOSU uses Tackk to capture photo memories, document philanthropies and share info with the sorority.

Remembering good times with photo galleries.

College of Business and Technology

Tackk user @CBTCollege promotes career options and school info. with details and photos from campus.

Standing out from the crowd.

How have you used Tackk on your college campus?

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Tackk is not only simple but it's beautiful. I love creating visually appealing content for my online learners and Tackk makes it possible in no time!