Teachers and Students discover an easier way to collaborate on report creation using Tackk in the Google Chrome Web Store for Education.

Tackk gives every student, regardless of age and technical experience, the ability to create a powerful page for reports and assignment collaboration. The Cleveland, Ohio company of 7 employees prides themselves on building simple and intuitive experiences that require no onboarding. They want users of all ages to be immediately comfortable with creating and publishing as soon as they hit the platform.

The Challenge

Getting students and educators to create and collaborate via technology in the classroom can be challenging and costly, as most software tools like Word and Powerpoint are not connected and are restricted to a single device. Before Tackk, teachers and students would often have to rely on sharing out versions of reports via email and this often meant changes were lost and managing versions added complexity to projects. This was especially challenging when working on larger projects that span beyond just a single classroom session, or projects that involve students working in groups in different locations.

The Solution

Tackk is a free page creation tool where teachers and students begin creating the moment they arrive on the platform. Any changes and edits made are saved real-time so students get immediate validation of each of the elements they are adding to the page, including headlines and copy, photo galleries, videos and an ability to link to other pages. There are no tutorials needed and no setup or onboarding required to be immediately comfortable creating on the platform.

This means that for educators and instructors like Rafranz Davis, Instructional Technology Specialist in the Arlington, Texas School District, the entire focus can be on the lesson or assignment and not the technology.  

“As a teacher trainer, I love using Tackk to share ideas beyond the session itself. In just a few minutes, I can share tips, videos and examples that can not only be shared but collaboratively contributed! Before Tackk creating digital resources were either costly or required a great deal of setup. Now it’s simply a matter of quickly launching Tackk from the Chrome Web Store and setting the assignment or topic. In a few clicks, students are creating and collaborating .” - Rafranz Davis

With the Chrome App browser extension installed on the desktop computers and Chromebooks getting immediate access to the Tackk app is critical as distractions are avoided and access is never compromised on these devices, which are often shared between different classrooms and students.

Opportunities to collaborate and create a classroom without borders are also unlocked on Tackk, as the cloud-based service uses insta-save technology so that classrooms and create, comment, and collaborate in real-time without any versioning challenges.

Comment Stream

a month ago

I'm wondering if your Tackk app is no longer available in the Chrome Web store. I've searched it multiple ways and don't see it. I don't see a way students can invite collaborators to their Tackks.