Tackk + Global Read Aloud 2014

This year, Tackk is proud to support Global Read Aloud in its mission to unite the world through one book (or in this case, books!).

Tackk is an easy way to create simple pages on the web. Teachers use Tackk everyday for lessons, projects and creativity in the classroom. Our content widgets (titles, text, photos, GIFs, video, music, maps, media and more) allow for simple and fun creation which can be shared on social channels like Edmodo, Twitter and Google+. Learn more about TackkEdu here.

So how can you use Tackk during GRA14?

To make creation, sharing and collaboration easy for students, teachers and classrooms during #GRA14, we've created templates to help support the program. Customize the templates below to fit your needs and have fun!

1. Tackk your lessons, then share on Edmodo + Twitter

Looking for lesson ideas from other teachers participating in #GRA14? Have lessons of your own you have to share? Tackk them, then share on Edmodo or Twitter! With our newly launched Edmodo login and share, you're only one click away from creating and sharing on both platforms.

2. Ask students to capture thoughts about the book as you go

Tackk provides a template for students to capture thoughts, research, ideas and stories. Ask them to discuss plot details, character development, ideas about what will happen next, etc. all in a Tackk! Let them choose from headlines, text, photos and video to get creative.

3. Capture photos, video, Vines of reading + reactions

You need a way to capture the reading action. Create photo galleries of your class reading or collaborating. Ask students to give thoughts or ideas about the book and post videos or Vines with their thoughts. Create as many or as few Tackks as you need!

4. Collaborate with other classes

We recently launched Tackk Stream, an easy and fun way to have a conversation. Streams live at the bottom of your Tackks and allow students and teachers to interact with each other by posting comments, photos, video and more. Now it's that much easier to collaborate with classes around the world (or with each other).