Newly launched: Tackk Lessons


To help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year, we've made it even easier to use Tackk as a digital tool in the classroom. Our newly launched Tackk Lessons are student lessons using Tackk in a variety of ways, combining other apps, research and creativity. The lessons are simple enough for teachers to grab, customize (if needed) and assign to students.

Use a Tackk Lesson.

Each lesson is organized by both subject and intended grade level (using tags). Browse the entire list of lessons, or go directly to your subject or grade level by clicking a link below.

The lessons are also colored coded according to the subject:

  • Math / Science - Red
  • Social Studies - Blue
  • ESL - Yellow
  • ELA - Purple
  • Art - Orange
  • Technology - Green

Have your own Tackk lesson or ideas for one?

Share ideas in the Stream below!