As I was making dinner tonight, my phone vibrated.  I received a wonderful "tweet" asking a question about using Tackks with students! This is the kind of communication that makes my heart sing.  I love collaborating with other teachers to help students learn!  Thank you, Heather!

I wasn't sure of the before replying...

I worked to figure it out!

I created a Tackk to share the answer...since it wouldn't fit in
140 characters!

(Truth be told...not much of what I do or say fits in 140 characters...ha!)

Option 1:
Have students sign into
one Tackk Account

As I started creating this Tackk, I was able to sign into this Tackk on two computers simultaneously.  I wasn't really sure of the answer to Heather's question because I hadn't tried to have students collaborate on a Tackk yet.  What a great idea, Heather!  This is truly the MAGIC of Twitter and teachers being able to collaborate!

So...I'm happy to report...I was able to work on my Tackk on both computers.  While it lacked the synchronicity of Google Docs, I was able to hit refresh every few minutes, and add elements to the Tackk.

So one option would be: you could have students work within the same Tackk account and collaborate in that way...each of them adding elements.

Option 2:
Divide the Project Up into "Jobs"

When I create a Tackk, heading to the Tackk website is truly my last step.

A lot of work outside of the Tackk program interface happens when I create a Tackk.  Here is a list of the tasks that I work through when I create a Tackk:

  1. I have to research my content.  I normally create a Google Slideshow to organize my thoughts into an outline kind of form.  This would be a great opportunity for several students to collaborate--using the magic of Google's document sharing!
  2. I create images in other programs.  Sometimes I take photos with my phone and email them to myself.  Sometimes, I edit those images using PicMonkey. Sometimes I create images using Google Drawings to use as headers.  Sometimes, I use Canva to create images also.
  3. I collect and curate other materials such as websites, videos, etc.  

Therefore, I think that if you wanted students to work collaboratively on a Tackk, there are many different "jobs" that students could have and do in a group setting.  Just like in a literature circle, one person could be the illustrator, the director, the coordinator, etc.  

That's what I came up with off the top of my head.

Any other ideas?
Share them with me...
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3 years ago

This is great! Collaboration is something we get asked about frequently. You're spot-on with your two suggestions.

One other suggestion: you could use Tackk Stream for collaboration. Here are some good examples of teachers doing just that:

Athens vs Sparta Debate on Stream:

Art students posting visual examples of their work in Stream:

Asking students to post Tackks in Stream about businesses they would start:

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3 years ago

Another note: we've discussed collaborative Tackking (similar to a Google docs experience) so it's definitely on our radar.

Always looking for feedback so if you have any thoughts around further collaboration, we'd love to hear it.

3 years ago

This is an awesome TACKK!

3 years ago

Are there any age restrictions? Glad this question was asked as it does open up so many more ways for students to collaborate.

2 years ago

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2 years ago