Tackk in the Classroom

An Introduction

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  There are various ways to put content on the internet including blogs, websites, and online documents. These are all great in their own way, but what if you just want to quickly create a single page that looks nice and is simple to make. One way to do that is with Tackk, a user-friendly, cloud-based webpage editor. Tackk even works on mobile devices. Here are some of the highlights on using Tackk in the classroom:


  • Registration isn't required to build a Tackk page, but an unregistered page is only available for 7 days.
  • Registration is free and requires either an email and password. You may also connect through your Twitter or Facebook account. Note: I was able to create an account with a fake email address making this available for students who do not want to give their personal information away.
  • An account allows you to create multiple Tackk pages and keep track of them on a 'My Tackks' page.


  • A unique page address is created upon arriving at the site. This cannot be changed, but can be freely shared with others.
  • To create a unique URL, you need to register first.
  • There is a share toolbar at the bottom of each Tackk. This allows users to Like, share via many social media sites, email, print, or embed.


  • This is a place for people to browse through the shared Tackks. You do not need to share your Tackk on the Tackkboard. It is also set to not be posted by default.
  • While I haven't found any Tackks that questionable in content or nature, it is possible that one might appear before being taken down by the administrators.


  • There are a few Tackk templates that can be found by clicking on the Themes tab on the lefthand side of the page.


  • All edits are automatically saved.

Adding content

  • To add any content to the page, hover your mouse over any content area and a blue plus put-on will appear on the left. Click on that button and a content selector will appear above that area. Choose the content you would like to add and the editor for that section will appear.

Moving content

  • Hover your mouse over any content area and two arrows will appear to the left along with a blue plus sing. To change the position of the box on the page, click on the two arrows.


  • There are three ways to add text to a Tackk page: as a headline, as body text, or as a bulleted or numbered list.
  • Click anywhere in the text to start editing. Beside the text will be a context-sensitive editing box that appears with buttons to change the content style. This includes colours, fonts, font size, alignment, links, bullets, and bold or italics. Click on the button multiple times to rotate through the options and the changes will happen on your page.


  • Tackk allows you to add pictures, videos and audio hosted on some cloud-based sites, and Instagram photos.


  • You can also add a rounded or square button to the page that will link to any other site.


  • There are 5 areas under the Editor palette:
  • 1: Colors - Changes the background and font colours.
  • 2: Fonts - Choose from 20 unique fonts.
  • 3: Backgrounds: Choose from 20 different backgrounds.
  • 4: Features - There are 5 different components you can add to your Tackk page:
    • 1: Corners - Toggles the corners of the centre page between square and rounded.
    • 2: Contact - Requires registration. Allows users to create a simple contact section to the page.
    • 3: Money - Requires registration. Allows users to sell things or take donations through PayPal.
    • 4: Maps - Add a Google Map to your page set to a specific location.
    • 5: Comments - Allows users to take comments via the reader's Facebook account.
  • 5: Tags - Here you can set your Tackk to be shared on the Tackkboard and add tags to make it easier for people to search for it.
  • You can move the Editor by clicking on the top of the Editor palette and dragging it to where you would like. You can close it by clicking on the X in the top-right corner.


  • You can comment on any Tackk page use your Facebook account. This comment can also be shared on your Facebook page. There does not appear to be any other ways to comment without using your Facebook ID.


  • Students can share one account, but only one can be logged in at a time.
  • If students use a fake email address, the contact page won't work since it is based on the profile email.
  • This works on iPads and tablets, but there are some problems with screen keyboards taking over part of the screen and the buttons have to be hit twice sometimes.
  • The map can only have one marker on it. It would be great it you could add more than one.

Classroom application

  • Use it as the 'showcase' portion of a student's e-portfolio.
  • Create mini-lessons for students.
  • Create a biography page for a historical or significant individual.
  • Students create a 'how-to' document such as how to make or do something.
  • Invitations for graduation or any other significant event.
  • Business English classes can create a business webpage selling an idea. Could be combined with a presentation.
  • Students create an individual page to introduce themselves to the others in the class.
  • Groups could use it to research an idea by sharing a page.
  • A reading text could be combined with audio and pictures to make it more understandable (scaffolding).
  • Videos could be combined with pictures and words to make a pronunciation exercise.
  • Have a class weblinks page.
  • Create a visual dictionary of new words.
  • Online self-access library using links to videos, audio recordings, readings, etc.

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Many thanks for sharing your experience with all of us

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8 months ago

Students can use their Edmodo login to create Tackk projects, ePortfolios, blogs, and web pages, giving them the chance to be web content creators. They enjoy being creative and use Tackk so effortlessly to customize and save Tackk pages.http://www.peakdissertation.co.uk/ It allows a level of simple creativity I haven’t seen in other tools—a perfect blend of digital media and colorful palettes. The students also like to collaborate and compliment each other’s work with interactive, visual comments in Tackk Stream, the commenting feature.

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Here are some new ideas for teachers.
Make a welcome for your folks to volunteer to offer assistance!
Week after week Announcements/Announcements
Flaunt fun pictures from your classroom
Blog about what you are utilizing/doing in your classroom and offer with different educators


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