Calling all music lovers, bloggers, tweeters...

Shouldn't local music be as much part of the locavore movement as your produce? Discovering new tunes isn't easy. Unless you ask the right people. So, we're challenging you to represent your local scene in the #TackkMusic Playlist Project.

Our goal: become the destination for exploring your city's local music... and getting lost in another.

The idea came up when we saw music-loving tweeters using Tackk to create playlists—including embedded Spotify lists, SoundCloud and YouTube clips — for their local favorites. Here's our favorite.

Now, we want more. Help us create a living, breathing collection of playlists, filterable by city. Here's how to get started:

1. Create a playlist Tackk.

Start with a fresh, spanking new Tackk and build your list! Click the BIG + on the left to add headers, text and media — think Spotify playlists, stacks of YouTube and Vimeo videos, SoundCloud and 8track clips — to your Tackk. Add as many as you need to express your local flavor. Or create multiple Tackks for different genres!

2. Tag your Tackk.

Add tags at the very bottom of your Tackk. Be sure it's tagged #TackkMusic. Then add a location tag (start typing a city name and select the GREEN location tag).

You can also tag for genres — indie, rap, pop, folk, punk, reggae, hardcore, etc.

Tagging your playlist adds it to a Tackkboard of the same name. The #TackkMusic Tackkboard is our jam! Additional tags will let you filter the overall #TackkMusic board for location and genre. Sweet, right?

3. Share your playlist.

Umm, share the heck out of it! Tab through the editor on the right to shape up your color, font and background choices, and click FINISH. You can then copy the URL or one-click share to nine social networks. Be sure to use hashtag #TackkMusic in tweets and other shares.

4. Lather, rinse, repeat...

Have more local flavor to share? Tackk again. Just make your playlists awesome and there's no limit to how many you can (or should) Tackk. But spread the love, too. Tell your friends to Tackk their favorites. In fact, add a button to the bottom of your #TackkMusic playlist to make that happen. It can look like this:

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