Announcing Tackk Stream:

Interactive and Fun Comments

Vanilla Ice isn't the only one asking you to collaborate. And we're not just asking you to collaborate, we're giving you a better way to do it because we think it's that important. It's called Tackk Stream.

Profile Stream: Invite your friends and have fun, interactive conversations on your Tackk Profile Stream.

Direct Stream: Keep your convos private by chatting one-on-one or in a group using Tackk Direct Stream.

Tackk Stream: It's a fun and easy way to have a conversation and sits at the bottom of your Tackk. Viewers can not only comment on your Tackk, but they can add photos, video, GIFs, links and other media to interact with you. It's a visual conversation and dynamic stream of content, based on your original content.

A few Stream features we think you'll enjoy:

  • Public or private collaboration
  • Admin control of comments
  • Invite friends option
  • Embedded GIF search
  • @mentions notifications
  • Send your fav emojis
  • Embedded YouTube & Google Search

Why Is Stream So Powerful?...The 3 C's


Commenting has been improved and is more insightful by allowing you to add photos, video and other media. You can even give your two cents without being logged in.


Use Tackk Stream to organize and work with a group of people on anything. Create a simple Tackk outlining details asking others to contribute and share. Use the invite friends option to send invites through Facebook or email.


Stream dynamically updates in real-time when a post is added. Converse about ideas, projects and more with a specific group of people, and get their thoughts, knowledge, or opinions in an open dialogue.

What You Can Use Stream For?

  • Classroom assignments: Create a simple Tackk Stream with a prompt and ask students to respond with text and photos.
  • Crowd-sourced travel plans: Going on a trip? Create a Stream to ask friends to add maps, pics, and descriptions of the place they think you should check out.
  • Event planning: Encourage friends to contribute event ideas and help plan it. Then post photos of the event after it's over.
  • Topic chats: Start a Stream about any topic, then ask participants to contribute. The Stream will remain live and updated in real-time for everyone.
  • Fun with Friends: What's more fun than conversation with friends? With Tackk Stream you can start a conversation in real-time using, text, photos, videos and more.
  • Anything: If you talk about it you can stream about it!

Let's get this party started...
Add your thoughts and test out Stream below!

Comment Stream

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3 years ago

Can i use the tackk as an element or widget

3 years ago

Right on my website builder instesf of have to come here to make my tackks?

3 years ago

( instead) :)

3 years ago

Lenora LOVE: Hi! You can copy and paste the embed code under the share option (5th tab in the editor). You have 3 options to choose from when you embed.

To answer your other q, yes, you will have to create Tackks on or in the app, then share/embed on your site/social networks.

a year ago


a year ago


a year ago

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7 months ago

Is there a way to have multiple comment streams in one Tackk? I'd like to ask for comments under each topic on the Tackk. Thanks!

6 months ago

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2 months ago

Wow! I love it! Now I can create a simple Tackk Stream on different events and invite there my friends, share with them all that is happening to me at my projects! Thank you a lot for this amazing app!

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