Tackk travel: on-the-go photo memories.


Tell your travel stories with more than just a pic.

Remember that awesome trip you took? The one where your friend almost fell overboard on that scenic boat tour? Well, likelihood is that you have one or two pics capturing that memorable moment, but just those couple of pics won't do the story justice. Tackk can help.  

Tackk is a great way to tell your travel story, whether it's a vacation, road trip, volunteer mission or another type of travel. Use Tackk as a way to document travels and memories. Add photos and video on-the-go as you travel, then go back to add text and customize later. It's that easy.

How can you use Tackk when traveling?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Keep a travel journal documenting where you go, who you meet and fun you have.

2. Create packing lists, trip itineraries, maps so you're fully prepared before leaving.

3. Show your do-good travel moments and awesome ways you're helping the world.

4. Been around the world and back? Share travel tips and travel insights.

5. Create attractive Tackks to market trips and destinations.

6. Document your road trip from start to finish.
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