Create Tackk Content Using iPads

Tablets make the perfect learning companion

As technology becomes more important in our everyday lives, we see the same in our students’ lives. iPads and tablets are technology tools that are transforming the classroom. That's why we built Tackk to work anywhere, on any device. Students can switch between devices (in the classroom AND at home) all while maintaining the same experience and keeping their work.

Let your fingers do the "walking"

You can't step outside the box without letting students get give them a project and let them run with Tackk.

  1. Ask students to go to the black content bar.
  2. Let them explore the various content options (headline, text, photo, video, music, GIFs, buttons, maps, forms)
  3. Ask them to use the content widgets to tell a story, answer questions, complete a project and more

Ways to Use Tackk on the iPad

Collaborate in groups

Whether you're 1:1 or not, Tackk collaboration is easy and convenient on an iPad or tablet. Students can work together to solve problems and create, without being bound by a desk or working solo.  

Present Tackk projects to the classroom

After the project is assigned and students create their Tackk, ask them to present it to the classroom while students follow along on their iPads (either 1:1 or in a group).

Tell stories using photos and GIFs

The camera on the iPad makes it super simple to take and add photos to Tackk. Create photo-based projects where students have to document a process or create a visual story. Students can also use the built in 500px photo search and Giphy GIF search to tell stories without writing a single word.

Assign homework: create at home

If students have access to an iPad at home, assign Tackk as homework. What they start in the classroom can be picked back up at home with our easy one-click login.

Integrate Other Apps

What are your favorite iPad apps or tools? Share in the Stream below.

Are your students creating content using apps like Storify, SnapGuide, ThingLink, Pixlr and more? Tackk can be a great place to integrate these apps and present them in one place. Add links and images right in a Tackk!

Check out how one 4th grade teacher combined Snapguide and Tackk in the classroom to show their understanding of narrative and expository writing.