Military Air-Crafts

These are some of the most unique aircrafts I've ever seen. the is a shot website informing readers on the, Bell Boeing V22 Osprey, The Lockheed Martin F35 Lighting II, And the MQ-9 Reaper Drone.

V22 Bell Boeing Osprey:

The Osprey is a vary unique and spectacular air-craft made by the military so far...

The Osprey is a multi-tasking air-craft from transportation of troops,& Supply transportation.

The V22 Osprey only has one cock-pit controlled weapon its a 50Cal. Bottom mounted turret, But dose have an on-board Mounted 50caliber cannon on the back behind the cargo door.

One of the Ospreys weakness is mortar rounds because they do not lock and ground to air missiles.

Lockheed Martin F35 Lighting II:

The F35 is a amazing jet with its magnificent speed, its ninja stealth, and combat  skill's and advantage's...

The F35 is a multi-mission air-craft, from a stealth fighter, plain attack, support, to bomb drops.

The F35 has multiple cock-pit controlled weapons it has and M230 30mm. Minigun, Hydra 70Mm. rockets, air to air/ground missiles, and heat seeking lock on missiles.

The F35 dose have a couple weakness's. It can't be easily but its still possible. It can be shot down by, air to air, or ground to air missile if lucky, or an anti-aircraft flank gun.     

MQ-9 Reaper Predator:

The Reaper is superior in the drone world...

The Reaper is an multi-mission, medium-altitude drone, from attack, support, stealth attacks, to spying.

The Reaper's weapon system includes, Hellfire missiles,70mm hydra rockets, and an M230 30mm minigun.

The Reaper is a hard target to hit because of its stealthiness but it still can be shot down by an Air to air missile or ground to air missile if lucky.


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This is not all the air crafts I had in mind but to save time I used 3!