Mobile Apps in K-12 Classrooms

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Clickatell is a website where one can send and receive text messages. With the growing need for cell phones, and the problems that teachers in classrooms have today, with students sneaking a peak at their cell phones, this app is great! Teachers can allow the use of cell phones for educational purposes. This website allows teachers to send text messages, whether it be a reminder that an assignment is due, or for a teacher to pose a question to students for homework. This can be used in a variety of ways!


Mobl21 is an app where teachers can provide students with study guides, flash cards, and even quizzes! This app is a great way to incorporate technology in the classroom, as well as out of the classroom, as students can access this whenever they like. Since teachers can publish the content they create to whichever devices they choose, this makes this app perfect for classroom use!


Screencast-O-Matic is an app where you can record a video to teach a lesson. Instead of having a face to face class, teachers can provide students with a screencast using this app and allow students to work on it during their own time. Teachers can also use this app for supplementary information that students can use for extra help.


Animoto is another great app to record videos. Teachers can use this app for sharing important instructional videos with their students, as well as using this app for students to create videos for an assignment or project. This is a great app for students to work with technology in the classroom.

socrative student

Socrative Student is an app where students can join the teachers 'class' on the app, and the teacher can provide students with games to play as a class, questions, interesting information, and quizzes. This app also supports games that students can play all together as a class, and results can go directly to the teacher. This is a way to differentiate instruction whilst having fun using technology in the classroom.

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