scenario 3

a not so popular student has invited you to sleep over at a birthday party on friday night. you have accepted the invitation  and planing to attend . on wednesday , you invited to a boy - girl party  for the same friday  night by one of the most popular student in your school ,someone you have hoped to become friends with . after  talking with your friends , you realize most of them will attend the boy -  girl . your parents have told you it is your decision, but that you should attend the party you responded to first. you really want to be a part of the popular crowd. what do you do?

Step 2- List the options

She can either go to the party the she accepted 1st or go to the popular boy-girl party.

Step 3- Weigh the possible outcomes

That she will probably have fun at the boy girl party, and she would not have fun at the other.

Step 4- Consider values

She is vaulting the boy/ girl party. She can either look more popular, or actually have fun at the 1st one she accepted.

Step 5- Make a decision/ act

I think she should go to the boy girl party because she can become more popular and get more friends.

Step 6- Evaluate the decision

She is evaluating weather she get to go to the popular party or the 1st she accepted.

scenario 4

you are an eighth grade student. since the seventh grade you have been on the junior varsity cheerleading squad. you recently tried out for the varsity team next year. you were notified that you made the team. the cheerleading sponsor informs you that you can no longer  be in band if you are cheering on  varsity football nights, since the band marches during half time at  the football. you have been in since the 5th grade and have really enjoyed being in the band and going on band trips. next year the band is going to disney world. what do you do?

step2: list  the options

i think i choose to stay in band because that was my first choice

step3:weighting the possible outcome

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