Rube Goldberg Machine
by Haley Tajgiszer

Choosing my project Entry #1

I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine. I chose this because I enjoy to invent machines. I want to learn how to do chain reactions machine. I think this could make a good career for people that love to build machines.

Intro Research Entry #2

Today we planned out how we are going to do the rube goldberg. We are still planning on how we are still going to do it. So far it is pretty good, we sketched it out and stuff. I had to get tape.

Entry 3

Today we investigated more ideas. We continued to sketch our machine. This is definitely difficult. But we are tying to work through it. We have a pretty good sketch.

Entry 4

Today we began to create our machine. Here the plans. Today we finished the first stage, tomorrow we will be working on the stages after that. Now we have to bring in all the stuff we need for our project.

Day 5

Today we started building our rube goldberg machine. We have had to start over and over to get it just right. Its going good so far. There are still stuff we need to fix up.

Day 6

Today we were working on our first and second stage, its going good so far but we need to fix the bugs in it. We are putting a zip line in with a pulley. A pulley is where string goes through a little hole and it will slide down.

Day 7

Today we worked on our project more. we learned not to put the zipline up as far today. we are still working but close to being done. But we might need to switch some things up.

Day 8

Today we are going to keep working on our rube goldberg. We have had some trouble with the rube goldberg, we have to fix the zipline cause sometimes its to slow or to high. We are also having trouble getting enough speed for the ball to hit the book for the wreaking ball. We still are having trouble also getting the ball to make the bat fall to the ground.

Day 9

Today we will still be working on our project. We are using a larger marble because it will knock the book over but a smaller marble will not knock the book over. We also have to book underneath the track or else the marble wot get enough speed.

Day 10

Today we found out that one of the stages wasnt working so we changed it up and we put another stage in, replacing that stage. We found out that a bunch of the stages dont work so we are trying to make it work better.

Day 11

Today we still dont know how we are going to change the stage, thats what we are doing today. We changed the one boat stage to the stage were a ball hits the sink and turns the water on.

Day 12

Today we worked on a stage where the boat slides down a piece of card board that goes into water.  Its also being blown by a fan, we still have to work on then stage with the water. I brought in a boom for it, and it slides down cardboard in the water. With a fan pushing the boat a little.

Day 13

Today we had to test it we are almost done but we still have some bugs in it. We are working on our last 2 stages but all of our other stages are good, they work. We need to get our rube goldberg machine to work every time, the zipline sometimes doesnt hitthe ball for the track.

Day 14

We are changing our rube goldberg machine a little. We are changing the last couple of stages because they don't work, but what we are doing now is working better then what was working before. Next we are planing on we want to connect with other machines. I think it would be cool if we had the end of machine connect to another machine.

Day 15

Today we changed the water stage to another zipline change. Then a ball falls in to a bucket, which is our new goal. to get the bucket to fall but not touch the ground. The ball that comes from the track hits a sting that pulls a zipline for the ball to go in the bucket. The way we get it to fall is a zipline from the above the cabnet. So we also dont have more then one rolling stage.

Day 16

Today we are working on the last 2 stages the stages we just added. W e got the first part to work a ball sits in a ducktape roll and the something hits it to fall in a bucket. When the ball falls into the bucket the bucket falls but doesnt hit the ground.

Day 17

Our project work the first part but then when it came to the ball hitting the book it didn't hit it hard enough but after that part it worked. So the only part that didn't work was were the marble hit the book to pull down the second zip line but the 2 zip line did work but you had to give a push to the book, but everything else that happened in the project worked.

Day 18

This Part of stem I learned about how things don't always go the way that you planned and that everything that you put on paper might not actually work not on paper.I also learned how to make a rube goldberg at first I knew there were projects like that but I didn't know what they were called. I learned that you will make mistakes and that you will have to fix things but I also learned that there will always be a way to fix your problems, we had a bunch of problems but we fixed them. If we didn't have any problems we wouldnt have a good project.

I also learned that this project is very hard.

I learned that I was very nervous on the due date of this project.

My project turned out good, well even though we didn't finish it we still had a good plan with the project. My project turned out like a project I would be very proud of because it was a very hard project and me and my group did good with it.

I would not like to purse with this job, yes its fun buts it's not the job I want. Other people may love this job if they want to be an engineer. But i don't want to be one. This was fun and I would do it again if I had to but i would't take this as a job.

No I don't wish I would have done another one. It was fun so all the other projects didn't look fun to me so I picked this project and I really did like this project.

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