The Dollhouse Murders
By.Betty Ren Wright

Just a little summery for you before you read the book.!

In the book. There are a lot of strange stuff going on.When Amy goes to the attic for the very first time she finds the dollhouse.Then she finds the dolls there is a Grandma&Grandpa Treloar
Aunt Clare,&Paul Amys dad

Why did Amy go stay with Aunt Clare.?
Why did Amys mom have to leave for a while.? Who was the killer.? Where did Aunt Clare &Amy find the note.?
Why did Aunt Clare leave Claiborne.?
Where did Aunt Clare go.?
Who did Aunt Clare give the dollhouse to.?
You have to read to find out.....

The author of the book.!

Betty Ren Wright is the author of The Dollhouse murders she died in December 31,2013
She was born in Wisconsin,UnitedStates 1927
She also wrote many other books

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