Take A Quick Look At The Professional Journey Of Majed M Abdeljaber

Majed M Abdeljaber is the founder of many companies in the United States. The first one on the list of companies he has established is American International Staffing, Inc.. He founded this company in 2011 with the aim to assist employers find talented candidates, who can turn out to be valuable assets for their firm. As the Executive Director of American International Staffing, Inc., he is responsible for the design and implementation of recruitment processes for the placement of Foreign Nationals with U.S. Corporations. He also performs continuous research in labor certification processes, immigration-related hiring processes and/or H-1B regulations. Through his commitment and dedication towards fulfilling his responsibilities, today the company has become the premier choice of numerous employers and job seekers in the United States.

Majed Nader Abdeljaber has also established a wholesale automobile export division in Texas by the name of Nation Auto Group. The next company that he established was American Immigration Law Center, Inc. in the year 2008. His aim behind starting this company was to handle immigration requirements of agencies related to work permits and visa processing for international travel.

In order to assist refugees and asylee's throughout the world with their immigration needs, Abdeljaber Majed also founded Jaber and Associates, PC. The last one on the list of companies that he established is – Sahara's Holding Company, Inc., that manufactures pure dead sea beauty products. Majed, being an ambitious man, wants to continue establishing many such companies in the future. However, his main focus at present is to ensure that all his companies run efficiently.

Other than supervising the operations in his companies, what takes up Majed Abdeljaber's time is his charitable ventures. He actively contributes to a number of charitable causes for helping the poor and destitute. He also supports several NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) that work for the betterment of the society. Owing to the humanitarian work that he has provided for the Jordanian citizens as non-profit, the Jordanian Government has offered him the opportunity to become their Honorary Counselor in the United States. The opportunity has left Majed overwhelmed, honored, and happy; all at the same time. He wants to continue with his charitable endeavors so that he can help the poor and underprivileged strata of the society as much as he can.

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