Taking Kitesurfing Classes In Kenya

With cooling winds and year around great climate, Kenya is the perfect place for kitesurfing. .Many people visit Kenya to learn and engage in this fun and thrilling sport. Although weather plays a role in how much one can enjoy it, winter and summer are both a good time to go kitesurfing. Summer brings thermally driven winds, which are perfect for this activity. These winds are quite constant in some places for three to four months in a year, and one can get out almost every day.

Joining kitesurfing school Kenya is the way to go if you are not familiar with this sport. Nowadays, a large number of people are taking lessons to avoid injuries and accidents associated with the sport. Here are some reasons why it is important to take lessons.

- For safety - They not only teach you the right techniques and moves in the sport, but it is for your safety. It is necessary for you to learn kite balancing, body mechanics, water gliding, equipment manipulation etc.

- Save time - When you get training from expert trainers, you save a lot of time. The expert trainers teach you the right lessons and right techniques which save a great deal of time of yours. If you try to do all by yourself, you will learn through trial and error method, and this will take much time of yours to get trained.

- Right equipment - If you join kitesurfing school Kenya, you get training from experts. This means you will have right equipment to use. You will be provided with kites and boards, safety gears, and every other equipment required in training.

- Socialization - Taking classes means you meet new people every day and get a chance to interact with each other.

For kitesurfing in Kenya, Majlis Kite School located on Shela beach, Kenya is the best. The school offers the latest kite equipment with an experienced teacher on duty all day long. Transfers from the hotel to the kite spot take about 5 minutes by boat and can be arranged at all times. The spot is very wide and quiet, making learning easier and safer both for beginners and intermediate or advanced riders. The location has a sandy bottom with no corrals and, most importantly, there is good reliable wind all year long; over 70% of the year there are 12-20 knots. Know more about Maljis Kite School, browse through the page http://www.themajlisresorts.com/activities-kitesurfing.html