The Southern Region

Where the term "Southern Hospitality" Originated

The Southern Region of the New World is asking YOU to join our colonies of freedom!

Colonies in the Southern Reagion

We have five great colonies for you to live in.



North Carolina

South Carolina


All of these are great colonies and would be an ideal place to settle whether you are a young bachelor, a newly-wed couple, or a happy family with many children. We encourage you to come make us your new neighbors!

Life in the Southern Colonies

We have a comfortable, warm climate that is just the tiniest bit damp only so as to help with growth of our crops. Our major cash crop is tobacco, which is very loved in England and brings us a great amount of money. We have many teachers that parents can hire for their children. They will learn to read, to write, to dance, and they will learn about music. Your sons will learn to ride horses and hunt, but will also learn to run the plantations. Your daughters will learn to sew and sing and when they are older, to run a household full of servants.


We have whole families of African American servants here to grow the tobacco, but also to work in your home.


We have the warmest climate of all three of the New World Regions making growing crops very easy. Our land is flat and has great soil. Our climate is ideally suited for plantations where slaves do the manual labor.

Our Industry

We have many natural resources available for trade including fish, forests (timber), & good agricultural land. Items we trade in the Southern Region include Tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo, lumber, furs and farm products.