What was the cambodian genocide?

The cambodian genocide was an attempt with the Khmer Rouge leader “Pol Pot” to nationalize (take control) and centralize (under ones authority) over the peasant (poor) system of farming in cambodia, right away. He wanted no one over him he wanted all the power and authority over everyone and he wanted the city they were placed in to be praised and for memories to be faded.

    What was the goal of the cambodian     genocide?

   There goal was to force ppl to work on farms, start there own government and take control over all these people in the city and basically make them forget they had a family or have emotions of feelings because that could get them killed this was year zero

When did it take place?

On April 17,1975 Pol Pot sent the Communist forces of the Khmer Rouge into the city of Phnom Penh, starting a demanding many rules very strict government.

why did nobody stop or speak up about what was being done?

Khmer Rouge had the power to do what they pleased kill who they wanted lynch shoot it didn't matter they had all the rights to do as they pleased with these people's lives even forcing the people there and to work all day and night.

My Cambodian genocide

My genocide was about determination and having faith and hope to make it out alive, there where many devastating points in my book from deaths of babies to death of old people in Cambodia. But real things like this happen everyday in Cambodia all because of pol pot he destroys souls and take away people's number one thing they have left their mom their dad there sister there brother, and sometimes if Khmer Rouge felt the family was too smart they would kill them they had the power and plus they did it so they could live to see another day sometimes. Many kids died babies and some even looked younger than there age because they where not feed correctly they were have long hours hard task throughout the days weeks and months put to work everyday but gave little rice to split. Sometimes the mom or oldest would give up there little portion of rice and give it to the youngest with the biggest belly just filled with air. These time where hard boys and girls split u don't knw if ur mom or sister or died either because they have caught a diseases or just too weak to work to hungry to think at any time point they could be killed just because of one of those complications. And the hardest part was when it all needed and Pol Pot died there was nobody to blame many people were hurt and angry full of anger there families torn apart and maybe long gone they could be the only one left the struggle and heaviness on your heart is just too much and as many years they went through that. Many family member thought they would find there other love one but turns out they had already got cracked in the back of the head or torched or just died because of being so weak and hungry or just because they refused to do some of the horrible things any of the Khmers router wanted them to do. This was a long time period of poverty struggle and determination just to stay alive and see another day, my genocide was nothing nice or pleasant but it's good to know the lost souls and hurting hearts still weeping and remembering what they had to go through each day and that we were lucky we didn't. So question is would u have been able to go through what they did? And personally I wouldn't have I would have broke down and probably got killed but just knowing that is scary and horrifying so I couldn't imagine being in a worker's shoes for one night.

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