Eva Beem

Tamara A. Jones

Eva Beem`s Life History

Where`s Eva Beem from ? Leeuwarden, Holland

Age ?

Answer: She was born on May 21,1932 & was eleven years of age when she was murdered by the German Nazis.

What was her family like ?

Answer: Her father was a high school teacher in Leeuwarden, Holland ; however , they were  very protective because they sent her to the village of Ermelo to change her name to Linni de Witt in order to survive until February 1944 when she was denounced as a Jew.

After the Holocaust began , what happened to her ?

Answer: Eva Beem was deported to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland , and she was then murdered upon her arrival.

What have people learned since the Holocaust ?

Answer: Ema Beem , was one out of the 1.5 million Jewish kids murdered by the German Nazis. People also was aware of the horrific events that were caused during the Holocaust but most importantly they were aware of the innocent 6 million lives taken from the Jews led by Adolf Hitler.

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