Tamara Nascimento

VP of Advance Consulting and Health Systems Ltd.

About Tamara Nascimento

An executive with DGM-Systems, Tamara Nascimento worked with the Angolan Ministry of Justice to develop a standardized identification program. The program included the issuance of identification cards to citizens. In her work with Advance Consulting and Health Systems Ltd., she led the creation of an integrated communications function for Angola’s health system. Tamara Nascimento also contributed to the improvement of the processing systems for the nation’s social security network by working with the National Institute of Social Security and Angolaprev, a company owned by her husband, Gerson Antonio de Souza Nascimento.

In addition to her work in Angolan industry, she contributes to the positive social development of the country. Along with her husband, she supports a variety of scholarship funds that benefit the promising youth of Angola. As a result of Tamara and Gerson Nascimento’s professional endeavors, more than 1,000 Angolans enjoy sustainable employment, and 2,000 additional jobs are indirectly maintained.

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