Tammy Giyas

Tammy Giyas Works for Motorola in Schaumburg, Illinois

About Tammy Giyas

Tammy Giyas, an employee of Motorola since 2002, fulfills a number of responsibilities in her role as a customer service representative. A graduate of Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, where she studied business, communications, and psychology, Giyas fields all manner of customer questions and focuses on upselling by explaining the benefits of extra services or additional equipment. Moreover, she acts as the point-of-contact person for internal parties, company partners, and other valued members of the Motorola community. Tammy Giyas additionally maintains a commitment to proactively instructing customers on common business processes. She has earned a promotion since joining the company, a testament to her professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

A socially conscious individual, Tammy Giyas supports a number of worthy organizations, among them Action Against Hunger, National Breast Cancer Research Center, and Feed the Children. In her spare time, she enjoys flying kites, reading, and cooking. Committed to advancing her professional prospects, she also takes advantage of additional education opportunities when possible.

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