Texas A&M University

Why did I choose this college?

The reason why I chose this college was because I plan on going to this college and my second oldest cousin just left to that college and I wanted to know some things about this college and what its like to be a student there.

I plan on being a pharmacist because I am interested in science and I would like to study the medications that are used to improve people's health (including all ages). I understand that pharmacists can be sued easily by giving either too much medication or not enough of it, but I believe that I could fit in as a pharmacist. I also want to be a pharmacist because of the income. The more you study to become a pharmacist, the more money you will receive!

What career do I plan on having?

What is the campus like in the student's point of view?

They have a lot of options to choose from. All of the organizations are different depending on what the teachers think are good and helpful towards the students, sometimes it depends on what the students think so the students participate in deciding if the organization is actually helpful and interesting to them, but mainly focusing more on their education.

What undergraduate degree do I expect to obtain?

Once you are accepted into pharmacy school you must complete a "Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD)". Pharmacy programs take about 4 years to complete and provide instruction in subjects such as drug therapy, communicating with patients, professional ethics, and developing and managing medication distribution systems. They also include supervised practical experience in pharmacy work places. After completing the PharmD, you must be licensed by your state. Licensing requires graduation from an accredited college of pharmacy, passing written exams, and the completion of an internship.

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