World War I Tanks

Isabella, Riley, Luke, and Kevin.

Tanks were first used widely in World War I. It brought soldiers out of trench warfare and back onto the battlefield. In the beginning, these first tanks could only crush barbed wire and hold a maximum of three men, but now this technology is still used exclusively today, and is one of the most valuable resources during and beyond wartime.

"The tank...helped to make trench warfare redundant [and] restored movement to the battlefield."

The tanks didn't start out very popular, but they proved themselves to bring back battlefield combat. The British Tank Corps, consisting of 474 tanks, breached the German front and captured 10,000 German prisoners, along with 123 guns and 281 machine guns.

"Tanks were used increasingly during the Allied advance of summer 1918." At the French attack at Soissons from July 18 to 26, about 336 tanks supported French and American Infantry. Overall, 604 Allied tanks advanced 20 miles on the Western Front in France on August 8, 1918.

Britain invented the tank after reengineering the armored car. It's first use was not successful, but proved itself eventually with a victory in 93 minutes at Le Hamel.

By the year 1918, the British had constructed 1,391 tanks. The French built the most tanks, about 4,000. Germany made 20 tanks, and the U.S. made 84. With the least amount, Italy only had six tanks.

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