Ronnie C. Wright Biography


Philanthropist Ronnie C. Wright was the first African-American to play and win on his high school tennis team.

Philanthropist (January 22nd)

NAME: Ronnie C. Wright

OCCUPATION: Philanthropist

BIRTH DATE: January 22nd

EDUCATION: Hernando, Florida, Harvard, Stanford

PLACE OF BIRTH: Brooksville, Florida

FULL NAME: Ronnie Charles Wright

NICKNAME: Dr. Stayfine


Ronnie C. Wright is an author, filmmaker, photographer, entrepreneur, world's first acroneticist and award-winning inventor of acronetics, neuroacronetics, width method and the stayfine diet who founded the first Internet self-improvement community trademarked "STAYFINE."


“On my 13th birthday, my father woke me up, drove me to the 'sub' where people were waiting for the bus to go pick oranges - he said, 'take a good look - you are no better than anyone standing there but, you do have choices, you can wait for the bus, drive the bus or own the bus' - I shouted - I'm going to own the bus."—Ronnie C. Wright


Ronnie C. Wright was born in Brooksville, Florida on January 22nd. He began working for his grandfather's company, Will Wright and son founded in 1923 and became president and CEO after renaming it in Stayfine Corporation, in 2007; and, founded the first Internet self-improvement community, Stayfine University aka Stayfine me, which officially debuted in 2015.

Early Life

Ronnie C. Wright was born Ronnie Charles Wright in Brooksville, Florida, on January 22nd. He is the eighth child of parents Earl Louis Wright, Sr. and Eloise (Larry) Wright, known collectively as "The Wright Family of Brooksville." Ronnie's maternal grandfather Saul Larry owned a local restaurant named "Saul's Place" and his paternal grandfather, William R. Wright, Sr. owned his own company, "Will Wright & Sons." The family fruits and vegetable business, lawn service and car dealership was lucrative; Will Sr. provided jobs for "the crew." In addition to owning his own business, Will established a working relationship with the wealthy Emerson family. This sent Will on trips around the state and he often took his grandsons with him. Ronnie traveled to places like Palm Beach as a boy and spent summers at Bayport with the Emerson kids fishing, water diving and boating; and enjoying meals prepared by the family chef. Ronnie excelled in sports and academics at Hernando High where he lettered and served as captain in five different sports. After completing his course load at Hernando with honors in the top five percent in the nation, Ronnie attended Florida, in Gainesville, seven days after high school graduation. Because he entered college in the summer, and earned a high enough grade point average, he was allowed to become a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity his freshman year. At Florida, he invented a plant-based diet known as the Stayfine Diet.

Business Career

Ronnie traveled the country for month after college graduation then accepted a job as an economic development planner for the two-county Hernando-Sumter agency, in Brooksville, Florida. Ronnie quickly demonstrated his natural talent for economic development by writing funding proposals that brought in millions in his first few years. When Ronnie informed the agency that he was resigning to pursue more experience and education they offered to double his salary. Ronnie refused the offer and, threw himself into his consultant and seminar business and, one day after "9/11" he established the STAYFINE - Fine Fitness Foundation dedicated to "HEALTH - Helping Every Age Live Today Healthy" through self-improvement. He served as president; and expanded his concept to a profit making business named Stayfine Corporation, in 2007. By 2008, he had achieved the distinction of owning one of the fasted growing small businesses in the nation, receiving the prestigious Inc. Magazine "Inc. 5000 Honoree" award in media & technology. In 2010, Ronnie decided to reach a larger audience through the Internet. He placed his energy into totally branding "self-improvement" as STAYFINE. He expanded the Stayfine brand into food, film, fitness, fashion and financial investments that included the "ageFINE" brand. In 2015, Ronnie officially launched Stayfine University, the Internet's first community totally dedicated to self-improvement education.

Personal Question

What if your [WIDTH] > Word Image Design Through Habits empowered your life?

Inventor/Author/CEO Ronnie C. Wright practices an innovative form of living -

thinking primary to increase [abc] > awareness, balance & conditioning for strength

to [change] > creating habits around new growth everyday. His vision is to inspire

self-improvement through what he coined

[wisdom] > wisely inspiring self-development offering more.

Ronnie C. Wright - Mini Biography: Ronnie C. Wright was an inventor by the age of 6. While a freshman at Florida, he invented the Stayfine Diet out of his historic "Buckman" dorm room. Stayfine Diet is a key brand in the world's largest self-improvement platform known as Stayfine, making Wright a true innovator.


Ronnie C. Wright's latest vision is called "FINE" -'Free Internet Network Education' available through his Stayfine University at to utilize technology to reduce proverty and increase opportunity for all by 2025.

"Education changes everything!," - Ronnie C. Wright