Top 3 things to do in Varanasi

You have made the plans.

Tickets are booked. And, Bags are packed.


The best thing is you know the city well.

What did you say? You have never been to Varanasi!


Varanasi is not an easy city if you are the first timer. There are about 100 ghats (long stretched steps that take you down to the water of river Ganges); there are temples at every turn; there are priests and sadhus (holy men); and there are hundreds of devotees who every day flock to the banks of the river to wash away their sins. Varanasi is a chaotic city and you better have a plan if you want to see it in its glory.

But, you need not to worry since I have you covered. In this post, I will share with you a couple of things that together form the soul of this city; and to feel this city, its history, its vibe, I strongly (very strongly) suggest you to try out things that I am telling you about. You can believe me; I have been to this mystic city for a couple of times and have read a lot about its history and its people.

1. Morning Boat Ride

Boating in Ganges is a must.

The best time is morning, around Sunrise.

About 100 ghats border the river. Looking at these ghats and the devotees when the sun is just coming out in the sky is a divine experience.

2. A Walk on the Ghats

I have been to Varanasi a couple of times. And I just love the feel of walking on the long-stretched ghats on the western banks of the river.

Assi Ghat, Mata Anandmai Ghat, Dashashwamedh Gath, Ganesha Ghat, Hanuman Ghat, and Ram Ghat are among the popular ghats here. Most of these ghats are used for bathing, but then there are some which are particularly used for cremation.

The ideal time to explore these ghats is in the morning and during sunsets.

To explore the city’s attractions, you better hire a cab. A local travel agency in Varanasi can prove to be a great help.

3. Vishwanath Temple

Varanasi is packed with temples; at every turn, you will come across a temple; but the Vishwanath temple is the most popular of the lot. Its tower and tomb is covered with gold plating that was donated by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh of Punjab in 1839.

The temple is dedicated to Vishweshwara – Shiva as the lord of the universe. Often, you’d find the temple full of devotees, pushing and tripling over just to grab a chance to touch the Lingam.

Bonus tip

Varanasi is well-connected with cities by bus, train, and airplanes. And there is no dearth of budget and luxury hotels. But, I am here to tell you this one thing: get in touch with a travel agency in Varanasi to save you a ton of time, money, and efforts.

A travel agency in Varanasi can manage a hell lot of things for your vacation. For example, they can book your ticket (whether you want to take a bus, train, or plan); they will book you a hotel room; and they will arrange a taxi / cab so you can explore the popular spots of the city and nearby region. Of course, they will charge you, but the kind of services they are likely to offer, I believe you wouldn’t mind to part with a small amount of money.

I am planning a series of articles and blog posts on Varanasi, and the best ways to explore it. A couple of posts in this series will also focus on the local transport including  taxi rental services in Varanasi, and not-so-popular spots. And I seriously hope that these posts help you get to know Varanasi and its magic better.

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