Taylor Smith

Ancient Mesopotamia was actually very advanced, and I have aspects of Mesopotamia to prove it.   

System of writing

The very first system of writing, Cuneiform, was invented by Mesopotamian people. Cuneiform was basically a bunch of lines, as shown in the picture below. To read more about this ancient language click the button.

Another would be Hammurabi's code. Hammurabi was the king of Babylon; he's mostly know for his laws that he wrote. Hammurabi's code consists of 282 laws; some of the ideas are still used today. Have you ever heard the saying "an eye for an eye"? That is actually one of his laws. The code survives to this day and is on display at the Louvre. As you can see all 282 laws in the picture below.


In order to keep the rivers from flooding and ruining crops, irrigation systems were built. Dikes, canals, and sewer systems changed farming forever.  

Now that they had sewer systems, the soil wasn't being polluted with waste. If pollution was to continue, they probably wouldn't be able to grow crops. It was very important to keep the soil healthy so the population could continue to grow.


Sumerians/Babylonians created the first math system based on the number 60.

They based it off sixty because there are factors of sixty in everyday life. For example, five fingers on one hand, or twelve knuckles. Five multiplied by twelve is sixty.

Babylonian numerals


From the information shown, Mesopotamia was very advanced. It just shows how far we have advanced today. Farming, we still do that today. Same with math and irrigation. What do you think?