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Carrying and Capacity and changes in populations

Population for a deer changes over time depending on what resources it has.Like all animals need food,water,and shelter without one of those resources the population will decrease,but if the deer have those resources the population will increase.

Limiting Factors and Predator/Prey relationships

Limiting factors such as flooding,fires,etc.... can kill or lower population.An example of  a predator prey relationship is a frog and a snake the frog is the prey and the snake is the predator.

Energy Roles

Grass/Plants are producers they are plants that make their own food.

Herbivores  only eat plants like a grasshoppers for an example

Omnivores eat plants and animals birds for an example

Carnivores only eat animals like a tiger for an example

Decomposes break down waste like a worm for an example.

Food webs/food chains

Food webs are more realistic because in real life there is not just one chain of animals eating each other it spreads out like tree branches more than one animal can eat a rat for an example . For an example of a food chain grass > grasshopper > lizard > hawk

tropical levels and energy pyramids

energy pyramids are a good example of how the energy flows, and how every time you move up a level it gets smaller. the biggest layer is the producers because  the producers have the greatest population.the reason the pyramid is shape that way it is,is because  it's to show the flow of energy and how as the energy flows the pyramid /population gets smaller.

Producer is the grass and consumer is the duck

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