NYIT Admissions - Training Agenda
'5 Best Social Media Tools For Small Businesses'

Who is Getting Trained?

If you are reading this and you are work for NYIT in the admission's office, then please keep reading as this is meant for you. Social Media Tools are integral to incorporate within your daily routines as they make life oh so easier, and I am here to teach you. Each and every one of you (15 in total right?) will learn the following five tools over a total of 10 hours that will help bring you up to speed with the rest of the business world.

Who Am I?

My name is Christopher Collins and I am a professional trainer. I own a small company called 'Let me Train You: Professionally'. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2011 with a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science. I wanted to choose a major that challenged me and tapped into the unknown. After graduating I quickly learned that unless you grew up on a farm you had no chance in the industry. So I decided to go with my true passion which is teaching and passing on my knowledge to others. This is where obtaining a M.S. in Instructional Technology gave me the street cred to start my own business. Throughout my education and during my personal exploration, I became not only familiar, but an expert in Social Media Tools.

Since graduating I have taken my expertise in these tools and traveled the entire world (okay, fine just New York.. so far) showing businesses how these Social Media Tools can increase productivity and overall awesomeness. I specialize in presenting these training modules in as fun, interactive, and informative as possible. I have worked with companies ranging from the travel industry, textile industry, and even the government sector. Each and every company I leave the promise that not only will I teach you how to use a tool, but I will show you how to incorporate it within your business principles.

So How Does this Go?

Now that you know a little about me, let's go ahead and get this training schedule detailed out. You have me for 10 hours total, 2 hours for each of the 5 tools I will go over. I will introduce each tool to you and detail out how I will allocate the time. I will follow up the time allocation with an example of just how these can used appropriately.

Infogr.am - 2 hours

Time Allocations (face-to-face training):

  • Introduction and demo video - 30 minutes - In the classroom setting, I will introduce this info graphic app by discussing the purpose and the usage. Then, I will show 2 demo videos from the website which will show the users how exactly to set up their interactive graphic.
  • Creating Sample - 1 hour - After viewing the demo videos, users will be given sample data points and asked to create their own sample info graphic. I will walk around the classroom monitoring, but also allowing each individual the freedom to go about how they believe best fits their needs.
  • Presentations and Closing - 30 minutes - Once everyone is completed within the hour time frame, each individual will go to the big screen to present their sample info graphic. The other members will have the opportunity to take notes, critique, but also have an open dialogue to how this app can benefit the office as a whole.

Below is an example of how Infogr.am can help the Office of Admissions:

Canva - 2 hours

Time Allocations (Online Learning):

  • Overview and Simulation - 45 min - Using Adobe Captivate, I will pre-record a lesson that is designed around this social media tool. This will include text information, simulations, and videos.
  • Online Discussion - 30 minutes - Using an online discussion board platform, after each user views the Captivate lesson, they will discuss openly this app. I will insert key talking point questions to help guide the discussions.
  • Creating Sample Tool - 45 min - After gathering the background information, and gaining new ideas from their peers, users will log into Canva and create their own presentation, flyer, or invitation. After creating their graphic design, the users will post their example in the discussion board for their peers to view.

Below is an example of how Canva can benefit the Office of Admissions:

Bitly - 2 hours

Time Allocations (Face-to-Face):

  • Introduction and Overview - 30 minutes - I will explain what Bitly is and go through the website showing the users the social media tool. It will be very important showing examples and creating examples firsthand to show the users how to use this tool.
  • Discussion - 30 minutes - I will start a discussion asking how a tool like this can be used both internally and externally in the Office of Admissions. Based on the introduction and overview, users will go over how they feel they can use this tool.
  • Creating Examples - 30 minutes - Each user based on the examples I created and the discussion had, will create a few Bitly links of their own. They will then post these links in their own created thread in our discussion board. It will be important to find and create these links that will benefit
  • Sharing and Exploring - 30 minutes - After each user posts in the discussion board, they will go and explore and each of their peers' links. As they explore, they will also have the stat page of their own link up to see how they can track the clicks and data.

Below is an example of how to use Bitly for the Office of Admissions:

Bitly Link: http://bit.ly/1EL7GgH

Users able to view statistics based on how many clicks your Bitly gains on your social media.

LikeAlyzer - 2 hours

Time Allocations (Face-to-Face):

  • Introduction/Overview - 1 hour - I will go over the importance of creating and maintaining a company sponsored Facebook page and the benefits this has specifically for admissions. I will then talk about how LikeAlyzer can be utilized to see if the Facebook page is doing what it should be doing for the department.
  • Research Company Facebook - 30 minutes - I will ask each and every student to get onto Facebook and research the NYIT page. They will scroll through the page and take notes of what works and what could make the page more effective. Students will then paste the URL link into LikeAlyzer and see just how effective and what recommendations the company has for the NYIT page.
  • Create Work Related Facebook Page - 30 minutes - Students will now create a professional work related Facebook page based on the research and recommendations LikeAlyzer gave for the overall NYIT page. They will will then over the next few weeks check LikeAlyzer to see the statistics of how well their page is seen.

Below is an example of how to use LikeAlyzer for the Office of Admissions:

Piktochart - 2 hours

Time Allocation (On-line):

Introduction-Overview - 30 minutes - I will create a lesson using Adobe Captivate that details out what exactly Piktochart is. This will consist of me talking over a video of myself browsing through the website. I will also go into how Piktochart can be used for business purposes.

Self Discovery - 1 hour - After I have detailed out the purpose of Piktochart, I will tell the students to create an account and to learn the app on their own. Once they feel comfortable enough, the students will each create a Piktochart of their choosing.

Post/Discussion - 30 minutes - Once the students have created their own Piktochart, they will post their sample in the discussion board provided. Each student will browse their peers' examples and comment/critique the work.

The End

As you can see, I do not have specific times, or filling up a whole day, or filling up 5 days in a row to complete my training of the 5 social media tools. My philosophy is that you teach one tool, let it simmer, let it settle, and let the learner reflect from what they learned. Let them enjoy the one tool before moving to the next. If you were to throw 5 tools in one day to a learner, they may or may not even remember 2 the next day. You are paying me for 5 tools, and it will be 5 tools this time next month your employees are utilizing.

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