Your Simple Guide to Hardwood Flooring

With varied types of hardwood floors available in the market these days, it can become quite overwhelming for the homeowners to make their choice. It is possible to install these irrespective of the level as they offer complete flexibility of design. The only thing to consider is moisture as its presence can lead to gapping or warping that you least desire. The 3 primary subfloors on which hardwood installation is possible are:

  • 1. Concrete/basement below the ground level
  • 2. Ground level concrete base
  • 3. Plywood subfloor on/above the ground level

Besides the level of installation, you also need to consider the styles that suit your interiors thoroughly. Some of the considerations related to these are as follows:

  • Wood species: what is your budget and individual taste? This will determine the species of the wood you'd like to use for your flooring. Cherry, maple, walnut, and oak are the major domestic varieties and exotic ones are cork, Brazilian cherry, and bamboo. Grain patterns associated with these give them a distinct appearance, which is extremely prominent in exotic varieties.
  • Plank width: this is another important consideration from the style point of view as well. The plank width that you use will determine the overall floor appearance, as the wider it is, the lesser visible will be the seams in between. It also helps to highlight the natural loveliness of the wood especially when you are using hardwood-flooring types like tigerwood or hickory.
  • Wood coloring: domestic wood species are known for their extreme variations in color; however, the same is not true for exotic species where their distinctive natural hues make them so attractive. No manufacturer is going to stain and make the biggest mistake of their lives. However, if you want to bring rich natural color to these exotic species, controlled exposure to sun is the way to do it.
  • Wood texture: when it comes to choosing the best style of the wood flooring that you would like to use in your home or office, the texture of the wood is an important aspect. Different types of texture options include hand scraped, wire brushed, smooth, and distressed among others.

What are the other considerations?

Consider the hardness of the wood species whether you are going for maple hardwood flooring or any other variety. Janka rating is used as the measurement of the hardwood and the higher the numbers, more will be the associated hardness. These being natural flooring material, it remains susceptible to damage and then it therefore makes sense to choose the hardest varieties. This is especially true when you want to install them in areas of high traffic. Something like red oak will be a good choice in such situations.

Toughness of the installation is another thing to consider especially when you are looking towards this as a DIY job. With something as important as flooring, do not waste time with guesswork. When it comes to choosing the best hardwood floors visit where the best selections are available.

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